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St. Patrick's Primary School Burrenreagh

Just Dance

2nd Apr 2019

Last week, Miss Clarke introduced dance to her Primary 5 class. We loved it that much, that we will continue to have it on a regular basis as part of our creative curriculum. We even invited the Primary 4s over to join us this week for our second session. Would you love to see our moves? Then why not check out our dance videos. 

Dance is a fantastic way to engage both boys and girls in having fun, learning new movements and skills, breaking into performance and building confidence. The benefits to health are both mental and physical and dance can even have a positive effect on life skills. 

Here are some of the benefits of introducing your child to dance below:

There are endless physical and mental benefits of participating in dance.

It’s Fun 

Dancing is so much fun, the children won’t even realise that they are exercising at the same time! 

It’s Universal/Inclusive 

Dance is inclusive; it’s for everyone! It is an activity that everyone of any ability can get involved in, even if your child is not necessarily ‘sporty’ or does not enjoy sports, it’s a must try.

Healthy Body - Healthy Mind 

Physical - Through exercises, skills and technique, the body will improve on energy levels, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Body Awareness - As children grow and adapt to the dance movements and styles they will become more aware of their body and how it can move. This will in turn improve on the control of their bodies and thus their balance and posture.

Mental - Dance can definitely help with building confidence in children, as well as self-esteem, attentiveness and even maintaining memory through mastering new skills and routines.

Emotional - Having a safe environment where children can enter the space and are able to freely express themselves can help them feel joy and express things that they may not be able to verbally.

Relationships & Friendships 

Encouraging relationship building between children. 

Teachers can also participate and get fit whilst witnessing children’s learning and therefore building a stronger relationship through a shared experience. 

Creative Expression

Offering a creative platform helps build imagination and creativity in young ones, allowing them to have a creative input in the dancing process.

Life Skill Development 

The teaching of valuable skills in each dance session can be transferable to any future educational or career paths such as communication, listening skills and team work.