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St. Patrick's Primary School Burrenreagh

Our Visit to Santa’s Winter Wonderland

15th Dec 2023

On Wednesday 13th December 2023, we went to The Saint Patrick Centre, Downpatrick to visit Santa in his wonderful Winter Wonderland.

We made our journey by coach and as we arrived we were greeted with hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and homemade cookies - so delicious!

We then made our way down to the auditorium to take part in Christmas crafts and await our turn to see Santa.

We had our photos taken on Santa’s sleigh and then we made our way around the magical Winter Wonderland with plenty of photos along the way.

We stopped off to see the sweet shop and then we found out if we made the ‘Naughty or Nice List’. It is true to say that all children are on the Nice List as the light lit up green for each child but as for the adults, well, let’s just say the lights were red. Uh oh!

We also met ‘Twinkle-foot’ - Santa’s Elf who showed us Santa’s journey across Ireland on Christmas Eve. This was shown on an interactive map of Ireland.

As we neared the end of our adventure, we shouted for Santa and we heard a, 'HO HO HO!' in the distance, so we walked a little further and shouted even louder for Santa again and we heard, 'HO HO HO!' once more.  As we turned around the corner there we found Santa sitting ready to chat to us all about Christmas.  He asked us to leave out milk and cookies for him and carrots for the reindeer and to go to bed early on Christmas Eve. We all received a card from Santa and selection box to enjoy. Santa also gave a card for the whole school with a very special message.  

To finish off the day we had our lunch followed by a movie.

This was such a lovely day out together with memories to last a lifetime!